Robot Packing Equipment: Bottle Packaging

Why Automate Packing of Your Bottles?

  • Eliminate highly repetitive manual case packing
    - Reduce risk of repetitive motion injuries
  • Eliminate human contamination at packing stations
  • Improve quality of the case packing
    - Pack to matrix specifications consistently
    - Minimize damage to products with articulated robot
  • Save money!
    - Purchase standard material handling system to ensure high reliability and maintainability
  • Safety built-in!
    - Standard designs meet the requirements of the ANSI/RIA 15.06-1999 Safety Standard
  • Save time!
    - Reduce delivery time with standard design modules and components Minimize engineering time by incorporating custom exiting designs
  • Bottle Packaging Robot

    The Complete Process

    • Review performance specifications for “Handling Module for Bottle Packing”
    • Identify appropriate robot and bottle gripper to meet production requirements
    • Identify custom options (infeed or exiting) required to meet production requirements
    • Robot Palletizer LLC completes final integration and programming
    • Robot Palletizer LLC provides run-off for system approval prior to shipment
    • Robot Palletizer LLC completes installation at customer facility and provides assistance during start-up

    Identify Your Bottle and Case Type(s), Material(s) and Pattern(s)

    Review your bottle shapes (round, oval, tottle roval, tapered shape or other special shapes). Then identify your typical bottle materials (HDPE, LDPE, PET which requires anti-static process). These will be important aspect in choosing your bottling packaging.

    Next, review your case types (flaps, no flaps, bulk pack, re-shippers, trays) and your pack type (soldier, staggered, neck up, neck down, single or multiple layers, partitions, poly bag lined.)

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