Having issues with the slow and painstakingly process of unloading pallets of product or raw materials? Robot Packaging LLC also manufactures and integrates systems to help you DePalletize your products. Our systems flexibility allow you to unload various size cases, cartons, boxes, and bags off of pallets so they you don't have to.

Our modules are designed to handle many unloading applications while the unit's components keep engineering costs low. Your precious products are safely handled by RP's high-speed robotic solutions. Tailoring a custom solution from our complete line of robots, standard handling modules, and robust palletizing software, ensures immediate increased productivity.



Benefits of Robotic Palletizing Equipment

"As insurance prices and injury claims continue to rise, automation for palletizing becomes more justifiable. Business today must automate processes to remove labor and remain competitive in the world marketplace. Justification for automation in palletizing operations has typically been achieved based upon labor savings alone, but the benefits are more than just labor savings. In addition, one must consider operator safety and the high cost of injuries.

Robots are typically faster than people in many applications and will create more consistent loads without product damage. The robot may provide an additional benefit of continuing production during breaks, lunch or overnight depending on the production process. The robot program is typically stored in its memory and can be recalled quickly resulting in a significant reduction in changeover time.

The robot is the ultimate flexible workforce. It can handle dramatic changes, such as changing from cases to bags, by a simple automatic tool change. Robots are always on task and can help your company be more competitive. When compared to traditional palletizers, robots are able to palletize up to four pallet loads simultaneously. With traditional palletizers, an additional conveyor is required for accumulating product until there is enough for a complete pallet load. "


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