RPF140-1-1-PD-A Automatic Robot Palletizer

Automatic Robot Case Palletizer

Robot Palletizer RPF140-1-1-PD-A

Model RPF140-1-1-PD-A is an automatic palletizing system that allows the robot to run without stopping for pallets or the removal of pallets. Robot Palletizer has pre-engineered our systems to provide compact modules that are easy to set up and operate. Pallets are placed in the pallet dispenser and then discharged to the palletizing area. After the robot completes the pallet it is then discharged out of the cell and an empty pallet is dispensed in to the palletizing area. Depending on pallet patterns this system can stack up to 50 cases/min.

Why Purchase a Palletizer today?

  • Dramatically improve the health and safety of your employees
  • Build higher stacks and reduce cost of shipping
  • Increase output and deliver higher quality pallets

System Features

  • <<Fanuc M410iB 140H Robot
  • <<R30iB Controller
  • <<Handles 1 to 3 cases/pick(Can be upgraded to layer tool)
  • <<Intralox zero pressureinfeed conveyor
  • <<Pallet Dispenser with pallet conveyors
  • <<Rates up to 50 cpm depending on product weight and pattern
  • <<Handles up to 260 lbs Capacity including End-of-Arm-Tool


Available Options

  • <<Slip/Tiersheet Rack
  • <<Bump Turn Conveyor
  • <<Up to two infeeds and two outfeeds
  • <<Options available to handle bags, trays pails and open cases.
  • <<Automatic Stretchwrappers
  • <<Full line integration Service


RPF140-1-1-PD-A Layout:


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