RPF50-1-1-M Semi-Automatic Robot Palletizer

Semi-Automatic Robot Palletizer

Robot Palletizer RPF-1-1-M

Model RPF50-1-1-M is a semi-automated palletizing system that is versatile and cost effective. Robot Palletizer has pre-engineered our systems to provide compact modules that are easy to set up and operate. Pallets are manually placed and removed in and out of the cell providing a cost effective palletizing solution. RPF50-1-1-M Robot Palletizer can be delivered withing 6 to 8 weeks ARO.

Why Purchase a Palletizer today?

  • Dramatically improve the health and safety of your employees
  • Build higher stacks and reduce cost of shipping
  • Increase output and deliver higher quality pallets

System Features

  • <<Fanuc M710iC 50H Robot
  • <<R30iB Controller
  • <<Handles 1 case/pick(Can be upgraded to multiple cases)
  • <<Infeed Gravity Product Conveyor
  • <<Manual pallet loading & unloading
  • <<Rates up to 20 cpm depending on product weight and pattern
  • <<Handles up to 110 lbs Capacity including End-of-Arm-Tool


Available Options

  • <<Slip/Tiersheet Rack
  • <<Zero Pressure product infeed conveyor
  • <<Up to two infeeds and two outfeeds
  • <<Automatic Pallet Dispenser
  • <<Automatic Pallet Infeed &Outfeed
  • <<Options available to handle bags, trays pails and open cases.
  • <<Automatic Stretchwrappers
  • <<Full line integration Service

RPF50-1-1-M Layout:


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