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Robot Palletizer has over 20 years of providing Robotic Systems to our customers. Our reputation for quality products is our main reason for success

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More companies today are adding Robot Palletizing and Packaging systems to reduce cost and increase efficiency withing their plants

Industrial Robot Systems

Robot Palletizer LLC designs and builds robotic packaging and robot palletizing systems that can complete complex tasks such as packaging, palletizing, depalletizing and order picking, that previously required vasts amount of manpower. We offer reliable and efficient solutions that are customized to our customer's needs and product requirements.

Robot Palletizing

Our robot palletizing systems are flexible and can handle virtually any product, including single, dual or multiple parts, rigid or heavy cases, bags, newspapers, cartons cases, bundles, pallets, pails, totes or trayed products.

Robot Packaging

Robot Palletizer, LLC designs and manufactures vertical or horizontal loading systems designed to load a variety of packaged products directly into containers including: cases, crates, trays, and totes. We offer case and tray loading solutions that are compact, flexible and reliable.

Case Palletizers

Robot Palletizer LLC is a manufacturer and technical integrator of several case and carton robotic palletizing systems. With capabilities to handle various size cases, cartons, and boxes, our robots help reduce overall labor costs and increase profitability to manufacturers.

Case Packaging

Robot Palletizer LLC's case-packaging systems utilize Fanuc high-speed robots that are compact and require minimal installation space. Our systems use an advanced R30iB Plus controller that features a programming pendant, fast processing, and an easy-to-use programming language.

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We have over 15 years experience in providing the best custom solutions to grow your business

Robot Palletizer specializes in the design and integration of robot palletizing equipment. Robot Palletizer, LLC has over 15 years experience in all aspects of the design through manufacturing of equipment for the food, paint and coatings, chemical, petroleum, personal care and beverage industries.

We offer case packers, robotic case packaging, and robotic palletizers that are designed specifically to our customers needs for speed, accuracy and product characteristics. Technological Innovation sets Robot Palletizer, LLC apart from the competition. We utilize Solidworks Software to monitor the design process and improve product drawings through 3D visualization.

Our team consults with our customers from the initial design specifications through final design, fabrication, programming and final testing. Customer consultation and feedback are critical to creating a high-performance solution that our customers can count on.

Robot Palletizing and Packaging Systems

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Semi-Automatic Palletizer


Over/Under Palletizer

RPF50-1-2 DCS

Automatic Palletizer


Semi-Automatic Palletizer/Wrapper


Automatic Robot Palletizer

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Having a hard time finding employees to package and palletize? With more than 100 models, FANUC offers the widest range of industrial robots in the world. Ranging from .5kg-2300kg in payload for any application or industry.





M410iB 140H


M410iC 110

M410iC 110

Palletizing(36 cycles/min)